About our Prints:

Each print is overseen by the artist to insure that the highest quality and color accuracy are achieved. We offer two types of prints.

  • A giclee (pronounced "zheeclay") is a French word meaning, "fine spray". A giclee is a one-off, computer generated print created by spraying an image onto archival art paper. Our giclee's are produced by taking a high quality scan of the original art work and then printing them on an archival photo printer using archival inks and paper.

  • Certain prints are available as a numbered lithograph.

  • Each print is signed and remarqued (includes an original pencil drawing by the artist).
    "Little Snow White"

    Giclee Print Available
    $70.00 + shipping
    "Little Snow full"
    Interior Illustration

    "Little Snow detail"
    Interior Illustration - detail
    "Winter Castle"
    Interior Illustration

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    Little Snow White: